Mason Public Schools' Capital Improvement Projects are providing exemplary learning facilities for our students and staff. Series I is complete with new construction at Alaiedon, Harvey Education Center, and North Aurelius Elementary schools. Series II is underway with construction at Steele Elementary. Series III is currently in the planning stages with improvements planned at Mason Middle School and Mason High School. 

The Mason Aquatic Center will be completely CLOSED May 1 - June 9, 2024, for construction. There will be no Aquatics activities during that time frame.

Summer Construction and Closures

This summer, construction will continue to take place at the middle school and high school; families and community members should expect limited access to the buildings. The following closures and changes are planned for the summer, actual closures may change based on project needs. Thank you for your patience!

On June 6 and 7, there will be no access to offices at Mason High School. Beginning Monday, June 10, temporary offices will be open at the high school including counseling and athletics offices. Please see the planned closure map for details.

The north parking lot at Mason High School will be closed during the summer, visitors should park on the south side of the building to walk around for access to tennis courts and other facilities on the north side of the building.

Access to the middle school main office and entrance will be significantly impacted by construction projects throughout the summer, middle school families will receive information about how to contact staff over the summer if needed.


Mason, MI – MASON, MI – Thanks to residents, voters and the “Yes Mason!” committee, Mason Public Schools will have the funding to make major facilities improvements; technology and learning environment upgrades; and safety and security updates to all schools beginning Spring 2018 and extending through 2026.

The November 2017 bond proposal was a revised version of the May 2016 proposal that did not pass. The District formed a School Study Committee (SSC) to conduct research among the community. The SSC met 17 times over 10 months (a total of 1,170 hours combined) and consisted of 30 staff, school board and community members. The result was revised proposal on the November 2017 ballot that better met the expectations of the community while continuing to meet the immediate needs of the school.

The November 2017 election saw a voter turnout increase of 4% and “Yes” vote increase of 42% from May 2016, demonstrating the community’s enthusiasm for the revised bond proposal.

“The Mason community has given the students in our district an incredible opportunity by supporting this bond proposal,” says Ron Drzewicki, Mason Public Schools Superintendent. “It’s our responsibility and pleasure to keep everyone informed of the impact their investment is making, both in terms of the physical changes to the buildings and the educational outcomes of our students.”

Series 1 - 2018-2021

Work completed in Series 1 included:

Harvey Education Center
Alaiedon Elementary
North Aurelius Elementary
Furniture & Equipment
Safety & Security

External LinkView Series 1 construction photo archive

Series 2 - 2021-2023

Work taking place in Series 2 includes: 

Steele Elementary
Furniture & Equipment
Safety & Security

Series 3 - 2023-2026

Work taking place in Series 3 includes:

Mason Middle School
Mason High School
Furniture & Equipment
Safety & Security

With the approval of this bond proposal, Mason Public Schools will receive the funding to:

  • Make critical upgrades to the mechanical electrical and plumbing systems in all schools
  • Upgrade and expand outdated, undersized and makeshift learning spaces
  • Add multi-purpose rooms that separate P.E. and large group instruction from the elementary cafeterias
  • Improve accessibility for all students at all schools

With the approval of this bond proposal, Mason Public Schools will receive the funding to:

  • Update technology infrastructure to maximize connectivity, access and learning
  • Upgrade and renovate classrooms to support all teaching and learning styles
  • Create an age-appropriate learning environment for pre-K/kindergarten students

With the approval of this bond proposal, Mason Public Schools will receive the funding to:

  • Replace the aging school bus fleet
  • Improve the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Implement secure building entry throughout the District.

The bond will be issued in three phases, with the first spanning 2018-2021. Phase 1 will include:

  • Bus purchases in Summer 2018
  • High school and middle school furniture and equipment updates
  • Technology, device and infrastructure upgrades in late Spring 2018
  • Construction on the Harvey Education Center, Alaiedon Elementary and North Aurelius Elementary beginning Spring 2019 – Fall 2020.

Phase 2 (beginning in 2021) and Phase 3 (beginning in 2023) bring similar projects to the other schools throughout the District.