New Teacher Learning Academy

The New Teacher Academy provides support and Best Practice in-service for the District's newest members of the instructional team. 

Mason Public Schools concur with the following position statement of the Michigan State Board of Education regarding the teacher mentoring process:

The Michigan State Board of Education believes that the New Teacher Induction/Teacher Mentoring process is a cooperative arrangement between peers in which new members of the teaching profession are provided ongoing assistance and support by one or more skilled and experienced teachers. This relationship should be collegial in nature and all experiences should be directed toward the development and refinement of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for effective learning. This process is expected to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved and to result in improved instructional practice and professional performance.

Mentor Program Goals

The primary goal of the Mason Public Schools’ Mentor Program is to improve the quality of teaching and learning by:

  • Facilitating the orientation of new and beginning teachers.
  • Facilitating communication between experienced classroom teachers and new and beginning teachers.
  • Providing social-emotional support for new and beginning teachers.
  • Providing professional growth experiences for beginning teachers.

Beginning teacher: teachers new to the teaching profession (first three years of career)

New teacher: experienced teacher new to Mason Public Schools. Mason Public Schools Teacher Learning Academy