Instructional Improvement and Innovation


Goal Statement: Mason Public Schools will cultivate an innovative teaching and learning community to improve educational outcomes for all students and prepare them to become active and engaged citizens.



Objective 1: Mason Public Schools will provide all prekindergarten-12th grade students with instruction and assessments that are aligned to standards, rigorous, and evidence based.


  • Ensure horizontal and vertical alignment prekindergarten-12th grade across all instructional areas.
  • Provide multiple modes of assessment opportunities that inform instruction.
  • Focus on consistent use of evidence based Tier 1 instructional strategies to deepen learning.
  • Implement equitable grading practices that measure learning of each standard and separate non-achievement factors from content knowledge.

Objective 2: Mason Public Schools will provide all prekindergarten-12th grade students with experiences that are authentic, relevant, and focused on personalized learning.


  • Build partnerships with the community, businesses, alumni, and post-secondary institutions (ex. internships, job shadowing, mentoring, career fairs, etc.).
  • Apply learning to real-world situations, issues, and future career pathways.
  • Ensure all students and families have equitable access to the various opportunities available to students in order to reach their highest potential and engage as global citizens.

Objective 3: Mason Public Schools will build a collaborative culture based on the premise that we are all learners working toward continued growth and improvement.


  • Empower teachers and students to take risks, try new strategies, learn from one another, and embrace challenges, thereby creating a culture of courage and creativity.
  • Create a safe and welcoming learning environment where all people feel included, valued, and respected (ex. environment, curriculum materials, extra-curricular/clubs, etc. that are inclusive of all groups of students).