Staff Recruitment, Retention, and Development


Goal Statement 1: Mason Public Schools will attract a larger and more diverse candidate pool for positions at Mason Public Schools, develop staff to better serve students and improve the employee experience, and retain talent through efforts to build a system of staff supports.


Objective 1: Mason Public Schools will build an intentional culture that generates systems and strategies to increase authentic engagement by promoting positive perspectives toward self and others that will establish healthy relationships.


  • Improve access for students and staff to behavioral and social emotional supports at all three tiers.
  • Refine systematic Social Emotional Learning programming throughout the district.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive school counseling program prekindergarten-12th grade, addressing the mental health, social emotional, and personal needs of students.

Objective 2: Mason Public Schools will build structural support systems and strategies that proactively identify and address individual and collective student needs equitably.


  • Review and formalize the district’s Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS).
  • Formalize procedures for supporting students, including information for families on how to connect with resources inside and outside of the district, to address various inequities.

Objective 3: Mason Public Schools will build leadership opportunities, cultural awareness, and community partnerships that will provide students and staff with a platform of engagement in 21st century learning.


  • Update, develop, and implement media literacy programs throughout the district, prekindergarten-12th grade.
  • Understand and support community diversity and culture, including continued equity and inclusion efforts.
  • Develop and implement service-based learning environments to increase student engagement and provide students, prekindergarten-12th grade, the opportunity to give back to the community.

Goal Statement 2: Mason Public Schools will retain talent through efforts to build a system of staff supports.

Objective 1: Mason Public Schools will build a culture of mutual support with staff.


  • Emphasize and reward a culture of collaboration.
  • Explore "Culture Coaching".
  • Succeed together (de-emphasize internal competition).
  • Operate as a School District, versus a district of schools.
  • Develop action plan based on survey feedback.
  • Identify areas of emphasis for Nice Job Notes, recognize collaboration.
  • Build commonality across buildings/departments regarding positive activities for staff. (spirit days, sunshine committees, sharing ideas across Lead team, etc.)

Goal Statement 3: Mason Public Schools will develop staff to better serve students and improve the employee experience.

Objective 1: Mason Public Schools will utilize available development opportunities for professional growth of staff members.


  • Educate staff on development opportunities.
  • Coordinate this effort with department directors and professional development committee.
  • Provide a listing of opportunities available to staff.
  • Utilize all of the available pathways for credential attainment.
  • Maintain a resource list.
  • Inform both certified and non-certified staff on the various options to obtain or add a certification.

Objective 2: Mason Public Schools will provide position-specific professional development (PD) for new staff.


  • Provide position-specific training plan and training schedule for all non-certified individuals upon hire (retain new teacher program). Include follow-up timeline for supervisors.
  • Assign an experienced partner for all new employees.
  • Develop a paraprofessional academy/bootcamp.
  • Create a job shadow schedule.
  • Provide an experienced Aide as a new hire trainer.
  • Plan annual PD with the Mason Association of Educational Assistants team.