Mason Promise Scholarship

The Mason Promise Scholarship is a community organization of volunteers that guarantees funding for two years of Lansing Community College education to selected Mason Public School students.

These selected students are chosen by the Mason Public Schools at the end of the eight grade and then become a Mason Promise Scholar. Over the course of the next four years, these students receive mentoring and support as well as an introduction to career possibilities through the Pathway Program.

Donations are placed into an endowment fund held by Capital Region Community Foundation to fund the program for the future. A separate, non-permanent fund finances the Pathway Program. Promise Scholarship Donations may be sent directly to the Capital Region Community Foundation, 330 Marshall Street, Suite 300, Lansing, Michigan, 48912 or they may be made online by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

To help or learn more about the Promise Scholarship, contact Jodi Somerville or call (517) 676-6490.  


Note: If a recurring donation is preferred please click on the link above, place the recurring donation amount (not the total amount) in the Donate Amount box  (Example: 10.00 ) and click “Next."  On the “Cart” page click “Continue” then choose “Recurring Donation." It then asks you “How Frequently Would You Like to Donate?”, “How Many Times Would You Like to Donate?” and “When Do You Want the Donations to Start?”. Fill these fields in, then finish filling in the rest of the form, and click “Submit Gift” to finalize the donation process.