The Transportation Department safely transports students to school and back home daily. They also provide busing for school field trips, athletic and fine arts competitions. 

Welcome to the new school year from the staff of the Transportation Department! 

As the school year approaches, please be advised of important transportation information. Annually, buses are re-routed to address changes in ridership and provide efficiencies. Therefore, bus routes and bus numbers may not be the same as last year, and bus stop locations and times may have changed.

Should your transportation needs change, or families choosing to opt-out of bus service should notify the Transportation Department.   

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to get students to and from the designated bus stop safely and to monitor their child while at the bus stop. Parents/guardians of kindergarten students must be at the bus stop to receive their child at drop-off time.

The first few weeks of school and during inclement weather, buses tend to run late. If a bus is minimally ten minutes late, you may call (517) 676-6496 with questions.

On Late Start Wednesdays the bus will arrive at the designated bus stop approximately one hour later (in the morning) for K through 12th grades.

Please remind your child about appropriate bus behavior and that riding the bus is a privilege. Bus rules are below as well as posted on each bus. Please take the time to review them with your child.

Communication is a key element to success whether it is in the classroom or on the school bus. It is important that we communicate together to provide a safe and successful environment for your child while utilizing our transportation system. We appreciate your support and cooperation and look forward to transporting your child this upcoming school year.

Please watch this public service announcement on understanding school bus lights: 

Video DocumentRed lights flashing, no passing!

Bus Tips

  • Arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to the designated pick-up time
  • Must stand 10 feet from the roadway
  • Drivers will not wait for tardy students
  • May be three students per seat
  • Appropriate behavior is expected
  • Bus pass required for a different bus (obtained from school office and permission from the Transportation Department). This will be passed on CDC and district guidelines.
  • Carry-on items must remain on the student’s lap (state law)

PDF DocumentMason Public Schools Bus Safety Information for Parents

PDF DocumentParent Responsibilities

PDF DocumentStudent Responsibilities


Trevor Bulmer
Transportation Supervisor
Stephanie Keith
Administrative Assistant