August 10, 2023

2023-24 School Meal Information

 The Mason Public Schools (MPS) is excited to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students this year thanks to the Michigan Healthy School Meals Program!  

Meals will be served in all buildings and include the full lunch served each day. Ala carte items and milk purchased separately from a full lunch are not included in the free meal.  

Please be sure to log into your students’ Skyward account and pay off any outstanding lunch account balances before school starts! Balances can also be paid by calling (517) 676-6529.  

Even though meals will be provided for free, it is important for families to continue sharing household income information in order for our schools to receive full access to federal and state funding for educational programs.  Please take a moment to complete the School Meals and Summer EBT Application which collects information needed to ensure MPS receives state and federal funding. In addition, based on the information you provide on your School Meals and Summer EBT Application, your student may qualify for other programs including:  

  • Summer EBT Pay to Play or Pay to Participate assistance
  • Programs that provide food support
  • Programs that provide field trip support
  • Programs that provide school supplies or assist with school fees
  • Programs that provide holiday support
  • Potential household support for cable and internet