July 1, 2021

PAWS Classes Provide Students with an Opportunity for Enrichment/Intervention

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, students at MMS participate in PAWS classes to receive enrichment or interventions based on individual need.

Students receiving interventions meet in smaller classes (typically 15 or smaller) with a highly qualified instructor to receive a research-based intervention in an area of need for the student.  Students receiving an enrichment during 1st Trimester have been working with instructors to work on ELA related enrichment projects.  Example enrichment projects: National Parks Research Project, Travel Around the World Research Project, debate, career exploration, hip hop writing/rap song creation, experiment design/science lab writing, grant proposal writing, argumentative research, persuasive writing, game creation, Mason historical building research, and Michigan Road Trip projects.