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Online credit recovery opportunities exist for Mason High School students. Online learning may be offered during the school day, after-school, and during the summer if funding and space permits. The following students are eligible to take Edgenuity courses: 
1. Any student who was previously enrolled but did not earn credit in a course required for graduation. 
2. Any student who is credit deficit for graduation. 
3. Any student lacking credit in a course required for graduation who is unable to include that course in his or her remaining schedule (requires administrative approval). 
4. Any student with an active Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) whom the I.E.P. committee determines will benefit from enrollment online as part of the student’s schedule or resource services. 
5. Students unable to attend during the regular school day because of prolonged illness, suspension, or other disciplinary issues (requires administrative approval). 

The overall passing threshold for Edgenuity online classes is set at 60%. However, students must also score a 70% or higher on a proctored final exam to earn credit. All online class quizzes and tests are timed. Each online class is worth ½ credit and does not count toward the student’s G.P.A. The grade a student earns in an online class will be listed on the transcript but will not replace the grade of a previously taken class. Students who earn a passing grade for a course in their regular schedule are not allowed to repeat the course online for the purpose of raising the grade. All credit recovery must be completed by 3:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to commencement in order to participate in M.H.S. commencement ceremonies.


Graduation Alliance 

Graduation Alliance is a private company that uses the Michigan Department of Education’s seat time waiver (S.T.W.) option to offer online learning to non-traditional students. Students who participate in Graduation Alliance work with an advocate provided by Graduation Alliance but do their coursework entirely online and transfer the credits back to Mason High School. High School students must be referred to Graduation Alliance  by their counselor and enrollment must be approved by building administration and the superintendent. Graduation Alliance is only available to high school students. Appropriate referrals include but are not limited to: 
1. 5th and 6th year seniors. 
2. Students who have been expelled or long-term suspended. 
3. Students experiencing long-term medical absences. 
4. Teen parents or pregnant teens. 
5. Voluntary Dropouts. 
6. Students 4 or more credits deficit for graduation. 

Students enrolled in Graduation Alliance may not participate in M.H.S. athletics. Students may participate in M.H.S. sponsored extracurricular activities and events with prior administrative approval. Students who have successfully met graduation requirements through Graduation alliance must have all credit recovery completed by 3:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to commencement in order to participate in M.H.S. commencement ceremonies. Student grades will be listed on the transcript but will not count toward the student's G.P.A. All students who participate in Graduation Alliance, and complete their graduation requirements while enrolled, will receive a Mason High School diploma. 

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Online Learning

Section 21f of Michigan's School Aid Act provides parents with the right to request that their student(s), in grades 6-12, be enrolled in two or more online courses during an academic term. Mason Public Schools supports online learning and the creative use of technology both inside and outside of the classroom. However, we encourage parents to consider carefully if a 100% online course is ideal for their student given the fact that they will be forfeiting face-to-face teacher classroom instruction and support.

When considering if an online course is right for your student please consider the following: 
1. Is your student self-motivated and organized?
2. Can your student self-advocate to seek help within a virtual setting?
3. Does your student  have the study habits needed to complete an online course without direct teacher support?
4. Does your student have the prerequisite English, math, science, and computer skills to be successful online?
5. Does your student have access to broadband internet access and a reliable computer (not provided by the district)?
6. If your student takes the course(s) from home is personal transportation available to transport them to and from school and is supervision available?
7. Student grades and credit earned will be listed on the transcript but will not count toward the student's G.P.A.
8. Students must adhere to the same semester and trimester timelines for course completion as if they were taking a traditional course.

Requests for enrollment in the Section 21f online experience may be denied for one or more of the following reasons:
1. The student already earned credits for the course (so the student would be repeating a course).
2. The online course would not generate academic credit for the student's transcript.
3. Enrollment in the online course is not consistent with the student's graduation requirements or with the student's career interests.
4. The student does not have the prerequisite knowledge or skills for the course.
5. The student has failed a previous online course in the same subject.
6. The online course is of insufficient quality or rigor. If school personnel determines that the online course the student desires is not of sufficient quality or rigor, they must make a reasonable effort to find an alternative online course that meets the school's requirements for quality and rigor.
7. The cost of the online course exceeds the pro-rated percentage of the state's minimum foundation allowance for the current fiscal year.  Should a parent choose to pay the cost difference in this case, the student may still be enrolled in the course.
8. The course enrollment request doesn't occur within the same timelines established by the district for enrollment and schedule changes for regular courses. Unless the student is newly enrolled in the district, Section 21f enrollment requests must be made prior to the academic term in which the student would be taking the online course.

6th through 8th grade parents who wish to enroll their student in this online learning option must make a formal request, in writing, to their student's building principal one week prior to the start of the semester. High School parents wishing to enroll their student in this online option must adhere to the high school's schedule change policy as listed in the student/parent handbook, and complete a schedule change request form that can be found here:
Please contact your student's counselor or principal if you have additional questions regarding the Section 21f Online Learning option.

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