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Community-Wide Rally Campaign

Dear Mason Families, Staff and Community,

Dear Mason Families, Staff and Community,

Much has changed since we launched our Stronger, Smarter, Safer TOGETHER rally campaign in April. Though restrictions have changed our daily lives, we have also found creative ways to come together in support of each other. Thank you to everyone who stepped up throughout the spring and summer – our school and community spirit remains strong because of you!

Like the end of last year, the 2020-21 school year will have both its bright spots and its struggles. We’re working through the challenges, but want to make sure that our students see the positives that are emerging. MPS staff, I’m asking you to remember that our mission and vision remain the same. You have always embraced innovation and collaboration – keep pressing onward and demonstrating the creativity and flexibility that your students need. Families, we acknowledge your hardships, your losses and your uncertainty. Just as you have stepped up to give us the support we need to educate your students, we will step up to be an exemplary learning community – whether in-person or through remote education.

And Mason community, our schools are vitally important to the spirit of our community. We all miss the energy of student competitions, performances and events – but there will be opportunities to cheer our students on despite our current situation. As we ask you to join in our efforts, this guide will help you put the Stronger, Smarter, Safer TOGETHER stamp on your good works.

You came alongside us earlier this year, and we are grateful. Let’s maintain the movement to be Stronger, Smarter, Safer…TOGETHER.


Ronald Drzewicki, Ed.S.
Superintendent, Mason Public Schools



What is a Rally Campaign?

The intent of a rally campaign is to bring the entire Mason community together around one of its primary focal points: the students of Mason Public Schools. When people see the mark of our campaign, it should evoke a sense of community pride and togetherness.

You can be part of the movement by:

  • Adorning your Facebook profile photo with our new frame
  • Using the hashtags #StrongerSmarterSaferTogether or #MasonTogether on your posts
  • Sending positive messages or student recognition to
  • Co-branding virtual community events with the campaign mark 
  • Doing one small thing that makes our community stronger, smarter or safer


Stronger. Smarter. Safer. Together. logo


Downloadable Campaign Assets

Campaign Brand Guide

Campaign Mark For Print

Campaign Mark For Digital - JPG

Campaign Mark for Digital - PNG