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Update of Diversity Committee Efforts

As a school district, Mason Public Schools places strong importance on creating welcoming conditions for teaching and learning for all students and staff, which is inclusive of a respect for backgrounds, identities, and experiences. This year, the Diversity Committee has established a solid foundation for the work of the District including developing a committee mission, goals, norms as well as the 2020-22 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Implementation Plan. This plan illustrates our focus and commitment to developing an inclusive community where everyone feels safe and supported. Please find those resources on the Diversity Committee page of the District’s website.

Subcommittee work will continue throughout July and August to keep moving forward during the summer months. The full Diversity Committee will resume regular meetings near the start of the 2021-22 school year. 

The Diversity Committee is currently following the steps outlined in the DEI Implementation Plan to:

  • Increase educator and leadership knowledge, readiness and commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion.
  • Establish goals and objectives to support the District’s Strategic Plan.
  • Improve instructional strategies for educator and student learning on issues of diversity, equity & inclusion.
  • Align systems to address issues of equity District-wide.

Diversity Committee Mission

Through authentic learning opportunities, Mason Public Schools is committed to an inclusive environment. Our students, staff, and community respectfully acknowledge and value the diverse cultures, lifestyles, experiences, perspectives, and identities of each other.

Diversity Committee Goals 

  • Create a climate, culture, and learning environment reflective of a commitment to values related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Increase readiness and implementation of initiatives focused on the representation of diverse perspectives for students, staff, and stakeholders.
  • Improve conditions for culturally responsive teaching, learning, and student experiences.
  • Invest in sustainable and scalable DEI engagement by improving institutional practices across all stakeholder roles and responsibilities.
  • Increase equitable social-emotional and educational outcomes for all students. 

MPS is eager to continue the work of focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion and look forward to your support as we grow an environment where our students, staff and community respectfully acknowledge, understand and value the diverse cultures, lifestyles, experiences, perspectives and identities of each other with a commitment to anti-discrimination and anti-racism. 

Thank you for your continued support of our diversity efforts at Mason Public Schools. 

Mason Public Schools Administration