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MPS Suspends In-Person Instruction

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to have an impact on the Mason community and Mason Public Schools’ ability to provide in-person instruction. In four short weeks, Mason Public Schools had to close the Harvey Education Center and suspend in-person instruction in numerous elementary classrooms. Providing in-person instruction and support to learners is becoming increasingly more difficult due to many reasons including staff needing to quarantine due to a possible exposure, the loss of childcare due to COVID-19, or the need to care for a family member or themselves. 

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the State of Michigan, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has asked us all to “Pause to Save Lives.” Per this current emergency order from MDHHS, high school instruction must remain remote until December 9 and athletics can no longer take place. Though we had planned to welcome hybrid students in grades 9-12 back into the building next week, this plan had to be revisited as well as all in-person instructional plans we had in place. 

At the Special Board of Education Meeting which was held last night, the Board voted to suspend all K-12 general education in-person instruction and continue remotely until January 2021. The Board of Education will meet in December and January to re-assess where the Mason community is in terms of the spread of COVID-19. At this point, all dates we have communicated for planned transitions are not confirmed and may need to be altered. 

Families with students in special education basic classrooms will be contacted by their child’s teacher or the Special Education Director regarding when they will return to in-person instruction. 

Students who participate in Learning Labs can return in-person on Monday, November 30 in all buildings. 

Over the next few weeks, please continue to wear your mask, practice social distancing and follow all safety protocols that are in place. We hope that as COVID-19 cases begin to subside, we can return to some form of in-person instruction again soon. 


Thank you for your support, 

Mason Public Schools