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MPS Leader Wins Michigan Assistant Principal of the Year

Nick Toodzio, Assistant Principal of Mason High School has been named Michigan’s 2019 Assistant Principal of the Year by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP). Mr. Toodzio will now represent Mason Public Schools as the Michigan nominee to the National Association
of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Assistant Principal of the Year competition which will be awarded at the National Principals Conference in Boston in July.

Mr. Toodzio’s nomination was supported by many people and organizations including the City of Mason Chief of Police, Donald Hanson, Jack Brown, former Associate Principal of the Wilson Talent Center as well as Mason Public Schools representatives, Lance Delbridge, Principal of Mason High School and Cortney Ford, Mason High School Science Teacher.

Mr. Toodzio does much to support students and the Mason community. He serves as the chairperson of the Mason Capital Area Prescription Drug Task Force, high school liaison with Ingham County Teen Court, high school liaison with Angel House which is a home for pregnant student mothers from across
the State of Michigan, liaison to Child and Family Services and volunteer police officer in Mason. Additionally, he has assisted in starting and leading Professional Learning Communities and serves as the District chairperson of the Social Studies Curriculum Council, District chairperson of the World Language Curriculum Council and Building Fine Arts Curriculum Council chairperson.

“Most people who enter the Assistant Principalship don't remain in that same position for 15 years. Mr. Toodzio is the exception to the rule,” said Mason High School Principal, Lance Delbridge. “He continues to grow and share his skills with other administrators in Mason Public Schools and in our county. Mr.
Toodzio’s dedication to our students, our school, our community and his own personal growth are what led the District to nominate him.”

MASSP requires nominees to have served in an Assistant Principal role for at least three years for grades 6-12. Additionally, they require nominees to show a sense of collaborative leadership, involvement in curriculum, instruction and assessment as well as a personal positive involvement with District staff,
students and families.