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Mason Public Schools & Holt Public Schools Partner on Joint Gymnastics Program

Mason Public Schools Board of Education and the Holt Public Schools Board of Education have approved a plan to partner for a joint gymnastics program. This plan makes logistical sense for both districts in regard to trends in gymnastics, participation numbers, coaching turnover and competitiveness.

“As a district, we are always looking for opportunities to offer the best programming for our students in and out of the classroom,” states Mason Public Schools Superintendent, Ronald Drzewicki. “Over the years, we have struggled with student participation and coaching turnover. We appreciate the efforts of our Athletic Director, Greg Lattig, to find ways to keep our gymnastics program moving forward.”

Of the 51 high school gymnastics programs in the State of Michigan, 26 of them are co-op programs with neighboring districts. The remaining 25 programs are at districts with over 1,500 high school students.

“Holt Public Schools understands the importance of athletic programs such as gymnastics and the role these programs play in student achievement,” states Dr. David Hornak, Superintendent of Holt Public Schools. “Low student participation and challenges finding coaches in the current model will not be sustainable long-term. We are eager to work with Mason Public Schools that will bring longevity to both districts.”