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Curriculum and Instruction

Out-Of-District Schools of Choice

Mason Public Schools participates in the Out-of-District Schools of Choice provision as stated in Section 105 and 105c of the State School Aid Act. Under the law, districts must first advertise the number of openings available in each grade. A 15-day window follows to allow for applications to be submitted. For additional information please contact Mason's Curriculium Office at 517.676.6490.

Criteria for applying for Out-of-District Schools of Choice:

  1. Students who have been accepted under the Out-of-District Schools of Choice provision in previous years do not need to reapply each year. Once accepted, students are approved for attendance through graduation as long as their enrollment is continuous.
  2. Applicants must reside in an intermediate school district that is contiguous with Ingham Intermediate School District.
  3. First preference will be given to students who moved out of the Mason Public School district during the previous school year and for siblings of current Out-of-District Schools of Choice students.
  4. Grades for which there are more applicants than available openings will be filled through a random lottery.
  5. Mason Public Schools may refuse an application if the applicant has been suspended or expelled from another school district within the last two years.

Notification of application status will be communicated to the parent/guardian within 2 weeks of the deadline date.

Homeless Information

In an effort to make sure that every child in the Mason Public School District has an opportunity to receive a free and appropriate education, we are encouraging community members within Mason to help us identify homeless families that have children ages 3-18 that may not be attending school.

The Mason Public School District is attempting to reach out to these families in order to assist them in obtaining food and shelter, and to facilitate the process to enroll their children in school.

If you know of such a family, please call the Mason Public Schools Homeless Liaison at 517-676-6490.

Thank you for your assistance in helping homeless families in our community. 

Professional Development Resources

Professional Development Resources 

New Course Proposal Steps

New Teacher Learning Academy

For information and forms related to Mason's New Teacher Learning Academy please click here.

Family Learning Connection

The Family Learning Connection provides a roadmap for families who want to stay connected to their children's education. In four simple steps, you can gather ideas aligned with state standards for supporting your child in the areas of behavior, math and reading. The Family Learning Connection can help answer questions such as: What should my child be learning now? What can be done at home to help? What questions should be asked of the teacher? This roadmap was developed to provide all the checkpoints and tools needed to navigate through a child's educational journey. Check it out! 

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