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Professional Learning Communities (P.L.C.)

Professional Learning Community (P.L.C.)

Mason Public Schools is committed to student learning. One way we are working to improve student learning is by having teachers work together in Professional Learning Communities (P.L.C.s.) through a dedicated 60-minute, late-start Wednesday. P.L.C.s. on late-start Wednesdays provide groups of teachers with sustained and uninterrupted collaborative time to focus on increasing student achievement.

Why Not Early Releases?

Numerous Mason teachers are coaches, club advisors, or participate in other extracurricular programs. When teachers are missing from their P.L.C. group it hampers the group's ability to achieve the goals of the P.L.C., and ultimately diminishes the effectiveness of the P.L.C. time. At the secondary level, many students participate in extracurricular activities, and tend to remain in their school or loiter around town until practice, which may result in interruptions to P.L.C. groups and disruption to local businesses. Also, early releases still would cause childcare issues for working families. 

Why Not Afternoon Half Days?

Afternoon half days do not provide the frequency of meetings needed to provide P.L.C. groups with the ability to meet the rapidly changing needs of students who need differentiation, remediation, or advancement. Also, half days tend to be disruptive to students with special needs who need routine schedules, students are not provided lunch on half days, and they cause hardship to families of students who participate in after-school extracurricular programs.

Why Can't Teachers Meet On Their Planning Time?

Teacher planning time varies from teacher to teacher, and groups of teachers from a grade level or department are unable to have the sustained and uninterrupted meeting time that is required for effective P.L.C.s. 

Do Other Districts Have Late Starts or Early Releases?

Many nearby districts provide teachers with collaborative time through either late starts or early releases. 

Before-School Programing on P.L.C. Wednesdays

For families that are in critical need for care during late start, we will provide supervision at Alaiedon, Steele, North Aurelius, and Mason Middle School on "delayed start" Wednesdays. Parents may bring their student(s) to school between 7:30 a.m. and no later than 8:45 a.m. Students participate in learning focused activities, under the supervision of paraprofessional staff.  Learning focused activities include Computer Lab Educational Support, Homework Help, Art, Independent Reading, Story Time, Math Games, etc. 

Kids' Clubhouse on P.L.C. Wednesdays

On P.L.C. Wednesdays only, the 3 and 5 day Kids' Clubhouse morning program is extended by 1 hour at no additional cost, and students are transported to their buildings 1 hour later than the usual time. There isn't a Wednesday morning only option. 

Transportation on P.L.C. Wednesdays

Buses run one hour later on P.L.C. Wednesdays. These times are reflected in the bus schedule that is sent to parents prior to the beginning of the school year. 

P.L.C. Wednesday Schedules and Extracurricular Programs

Students at the secondary level attend all of their classes, and elementary students receive instruction in all core subjects on P.L.C. Wednesdays within the shortened day. Students are released at the normal time, they receive both breakfast and lunch, and all after-school extracurricular programs  run as normal.  

Where Can I learn More About P.L.C.s?

Professional Learning Community