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After School Professional Development

After-School Professional Development Opportunities

Register for 2019-2020 after school professional development opportunities using the link in the chart below. 

Be sure to use your Mason Google account.  Teachers will be paid the Professional Hourly Rate for attending.



4:15 - 5:15


Reports Training

Kelly Trout, 

Ingham I.S.D.   

The assessments have been administered; now come and learn about the reports in aimswebPlus.

City Hall

Sycamore Room



4:15 - 5:15

New Technology Device Training

David Olson, 4th Alaiedon

Jessica Tuwaiq, DAT

The staff of Harvey Education Center, Alaiedon and North Aurelius are invited to attend a professional development session to learn more about effectively and efficiently integrating the new technology.  This session is a follow up to the initial training at the buildings, and the classroom support day.  David Olson, 4th grade teacher at Alaiedon, will present on ways he makes the technology work for him, how he integrates it with the Wonders and Go Math curriculum platforms and other tips and tricks he's found.  Jessica Tuwaiq will also be on hand to answer questions.  Please be ready to share anything that is working well for you regarding the technology!

Harvey Education Center

Media Center



4:15 - 5:15

It Starts with High Expectations

Cathy McCormick, 

Mason High School

Our Voice Over Video series continues this year with an exciting opportunity to learn from Cathy McCormick, Mason High School Special Education teacher.  

In this video, you will observe strategies that create structure within the classroom that give unique students ownership, understanding of expectations and self-discipline to want to learn.  Strategies used include; know where you are to know where you are going (Learning targets), KWL, differential instruction, real-life experience  (Money), R & R point system, students helping students, role modeling, and students sharing knowledge.  

All staff are invited to attend this professional development opportunity.  After signing up, a link to the video will be sent to you.  Watch the video at your leisure (roughly an hour) and take notes, glows, questions, etc., and then attend the one-hour face-to-face session on December 12.  

Mason High School

Room 24



2:45 - 3:45

Accelerating Student Voice in Teaching

Tiffany Henfling

Mason Middle School

Over the last few years I've been experimenting with the use of "science talk" in my classroom - creating a student led, student driven discussion that is centered on student friendly language. Consensus meetings have allowed our science talk to grow. This video shows an example consensus meeting from a couple of years ago where you can see many of the practices I have put into practice with my students. My use of consensus meetings continues to grow and evolve because they can be adjusted to any subject or grade level. This session will get into all the ins and outs of how to make a consensus meeting function in your room and trouble shoot possible issues along the way.

Mason Middle School 

Room 19




Threading the Needle – Learning Targets Come to Life

Angie Thompson

Steele Elementary School

Use learning targets in a meaningful way throughout your lesson to ensure students know what they are learning and also how they know when they have learned it.  

Steele Elementary School

Room 106

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Grade Level/Content Area Collaboration Meetings   All elementary teaching staff are welcome to attend an after school professional development opportunity to collaborate with district grade level/content area colleagues.  The topics of discussion will be generated from the responses on this form, and the previous survey sent.  This collaboration opportunity does not have a minimum number of teachers needed to attend, and is for discussion/problem solving purposes, rather than decision making.

City Hall

Rooms T.B.D.

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